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A novel patent from “AmorePacific” describes a composition for preventing hair loss and promoting hair loss and promoting hair growth based on extracellular follicles derived from lactic acid bacteria. Lactic acid bacteria, which reportedly are representative beneficial bacteria for humans, produce organic acids such as lactic acid or acetic acid by degrading sugars such as glucose or lactose.

Regenerative medicine is the most exciting developing area of medicine. It works by helping the body heal itself from within using peptides, growth factors and other biological compounds to help the body repair and replenish itself. This potential is utilized in hair loss treatment as well as hair transplantation procedures for boosting the outcome.

Although all human hair has the same basic structure, it varies considerably in size, shape, and density, depending in its location and stage of development. Hair shafts are mainly composed of fibrous alpha-keratin proteins. Two types of hair shafts are recognized:

1. Vellus hairs are soft, hypopigmented, unmedullated, almost invisible hair seen on the forehead. These hairs are less than 0.03 mm in diameter and less than 1cm in length. Vellus hairs spread over the body surface and are difficult to see without appropriate magnification.

2. Terminal hairs are longer, coarser, and of variable pigment. They characterize the adult years and exceed 0.06 mm in diameter and 1 cm in length. Subtypes of terminal hair are found on the scalp, eyebrows, upper lip, chin, axillae, chest, and pubis.

Secondary type of scarring alopecia includes those caused by burns or traumatic injuries or the scars associated with radiotherapy, fungal infection and surgical scars (like scars related to a facelift procedure). These types of scarring alopecia can be prepared for receiving the hair grafts using stem cell therapy and cellular enhancement. The stem cell therapy promotes regeneration and formation of abundant vascular network at the scar site yet rendering the scar to host the hair grafts properly.

Benefits of sedation-analgesia procedures includes:

• Faster return of the patient to normal daily activities

• Comfort of the patient

• Perfect surgical conditions

• Fast recovery of cognitive functions

• Minimum side effects

• Higher level of patient satisfaction

Additionally, sedation-analgesia procedures decrease the local anesthetic consumption and therefore it helps to limit the risk of local anesthetic toxicity.

Yes, with the recent innovation called needle-free power jet inflator it is possible to have local anesthesia without a prick or sting feeling.

No. There are various methods for pain management during a hair transplantation procedure. Please refer to Our Services section of our website to read more about pain free needle free hair transplantation procedure.

Seager 1997 demonstrated in a study, that slightly chubby follicular grafts survive better. Is has been demonstrated that the surrounding vascular arcade within the fatty tissue is responsible of feeding the graft and it easily bridges with the surrounding blood vessels at channel nest. This fact indeed contributes to the success rate of the hair grafts uptake as well as the overall hair transplantation procedure.

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