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Received his doctorate at the Medical University of Vienna in Austria ( and specialized in Molecular Medicine at Cleveland Clinic Hospital in USA ( He has many scientific publications in Journals with high impact. He has been working on the Extracellular Matrix for many years. Also, he conducts researches on STEM CELL and applies the STEM CELLS in regenerative MEDICINE.
He established the first Sugen 5416 PAH rat model in Turkey. This rat model is of importance since the experiments cannot be performed on human.
In addition, he has been trained graduate students who could specialize in this field. He received the highest scores in student surveys from the classes he gave at the medical school.
In addition to having many scientific articles, international speeches, proceedings and projects, he also took active roles in the social field. He is a professional photographer and video editor. He is licensed for Traditional Horse Archery and he also gave many musical concerts.

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