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Sedation anesthesia is a highly complicated anesthetic procedure performed by an anesthesiologist using multiple agents in order to bring the patient to the status of “Somnolence” and “Sweet dreams sleeping”.

There are scientifically defined “five levels” of sedation. Our anesthesiology team will proactively provide each level of sedation according to the stage, procedure, duration of the procedure and the response of the patient to the level of sedation.

Sedation levels can be roughly described as follows, from mild to deep sedation.

Level 1 Sedation: The patient is calm, eyes open, answers questions, but may not remember later.

Level 2 Sedation: The patient is in a state of drowsiness, the patients eyes are closed, but can give an eye response with a slight voice stimulus.

Level 3 Sedation: The patient sleeps, can be awakened by loud voices or non-painful tactile stimuli.

Level 4 Sedation: The patient sleeps deeply but can be awakened by painful tactile stimulus.

Level 5 Sedation: The patient sleeps very deeply and cannot be awakened by painful stimulus (deep sedation).

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