Historically, hair has been an icon of pride to humans and is a distinguishing feature that adorns as well as protects. It is also one of our most variable characteristics. It expresses wide differences in color, density, texture, length and style making the distinguishing features of different races and ethnic groups. Hair styling and adornment have evolved though-out ages, today people place a premium budget on hair fashion and products to enhance their appearance.

Considering the significance placed on hair, it is easy to understand why hair loss often causes severe emotional distress and why people desperatly seek hair loss treatment

The hair loss treatment medical team must have a basic understanding of the anatomy and physiology of human hair. Hair Transplantation demands high levels of technical skills, a nuanced technique and appreciation of a natural, aesthetically pleasing result to generate an optimal restoration.

Therefore, Karaaltin Hair`s medical team is dedicated to providing its patients with the highest level of service based on “scientific evidence”, utilizing the cutting-edge technology in hair health treatment. The team meticulously assess the patient needs upon a detailed investigation and algorithmic  approach  to provide  the optimal treatment for hair loss.

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