Pain Free Needle Free (PFNF)

Pain Free Needle Free (PFNF) Hair Transplantation

Karaaltin hair allocates a professional anesthesiology team devoted to providing a custom wise comfort zone for every single patient. The pain free needle free (PFNF) hair transplantation procedure concept requires a proactive protocol that should be tailored and modified for every single patient in order to achieve the maximum comfort


As the hair transplantation procedure lasts for an average of 6-10 hours and conveys multiple stages with repositioning the patient from prone to supine, the sedation protocol should be monitored and tailored accordingly.


Our protocol includes: the comfort pain free needle free dose monitored local anesthetic application and safe sweet dreams sedation.




The most advanced approach for initializing the hair transplantation procedure is to eliminate pain during the local anesthetic application.

The method deploys A customized level of sedation before applying the local anesthetic agent with a needle-free power jet inflator. The requirements for this application, is to administer sedation intravenously a few minutes before the procedure. The medications used for sedation are administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist through an intravenous line.

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