The Follicular Graft Nutrition Basin

The Follicular Graft Nutrition Basin TM


Great strides have been made in hair restoration over the past 20 years. The primary focus of the hair restoration surgeons should first be attention to the fundamentals of hair care, hydration, temperature, time out of body and gentle handling. Factors such as advanced storage solutions and additives can be helpful once the fundamentals have been addressed.


During transplantation, hair tissue is separated from its blood supply and develops ischemia.

In hypoxic conditions, a cascade of reactions start, and the end products of these reactions may harm the hairs grafts in return.


Most transplanted organs are surgically reconnected to the body’s blood supply and are exposed to a sudden dramatic rise in oxygen tension. In contrast to large organ transplants, hair grafts are perfused passively for at least 3 days before being revascularized thus not receiving such a sudden ″blast″ of oxygen. Nevertheless, several reports show that they are still exposed to the same danger!


Recent studies have shown the importance of using antioxidant agents with organ preservation solutions and supplemental oxygen to protect the hair grafts from ischemia damage.


Our science team has invented an innovative nutrition basin with an oxygen supplemental cooling circulation system that preserves the hair grafts in an optimum environment. This system is called the “The Follicular Graft Nutrition Basin TM “. 





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