Tuncay Çakmak

Molecular Biolog and Genetist
E-mail: info@example.com
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Tuncay Çakmak was born in the city of ‘Sivas province in midlands of Turkey.
During the years between 2008-to-2015, Tuncay Çakmak was aiming for a bright
future. This ambition drove him to science, education and a bachelor degree in
Molecular Biology and Genetic from Istanbul Technical University, Turkey.His mind
was fulled with dazzling puzzels regarding live being. Then, tried to understand how
the sugar molecule works. Seeking answers answer while working as an intern on
glycobiology at Ege University. Afterwards he was endeavored with his thesis on
GAG molecules and began his journey as a scientist.
In the year 2015, he started working on his master degree on bioengineering at
Marmara University,İstanbul-Turkey. He was still curious and eager to learn more
about organic molecules and enzymes and during that time laps he noticed something
important! that These tiny things were affecting whole life on planet Earth.
In 2018, he started a new mile stone in his career shifting to a brand new era called
Regenerative Medicine
In Collaborations with Karaaltin Health Services & Biotrend Inc. he was able to sit on
a pioneering project regarding 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering.
Recently, Mr. Çakmak is working on innovations and leading researches regarding
hair follicle biology and hair loss treatments.

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